Areca palm plates relygreen biodegradable compostable 100% natural tableware

Sustainable Packaging Innovations for a Greener Tomorrow

At RelyGreen, we’re in the business of saving the planet. Our Eco-friendly food packaging solutions are built to cater to any requirement or industry.

All our products undergo stringent Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), making sure that you get high-quality foodware, ethically processed to support minimal wastage of natural resources, and helps in driving a circular economy.

The RelyGreen Initiative:

Every year, 1 person contributes to an average of 100 kilos of plastic waste that proliferate our ocean floor.

Imagine the possibilities if 1 million people decide to shift to sustainable living. We may finally be able to take a huge chunk off the 10 million tons of plastic thrown annually at the sea.

RelyGreen is more than just a social enterprise. We aspire to be at the center of a global shift towards sustainability – building products and solutions that would help replace conventional plastic packaging with 100% sustainable and eco-friendly food packaging alternatives.

Saving the planet – one package at a time!

The RelyGreen Advantage:

Wide selection of Food Packaging:
Choose from a wide array of organic and natural products like Areca Palm, Bagasse, Paperboard & PLA which comes intrinsically shaped and designed in the form of plates, bowls, cups. Containers, straws, and much more.

A Package for Everyone, Everywhere:
Be it for dine-in at restaurants or takeaways for your favorite fish and chips, kebab joint or fast food, or your parties or any other event. RelyGreen eco-friendly food packaging elevates the food delivery/consumption experience.

Mark of Quality & Assurance:
While being eco-friendly is our virtue, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that our packaging is designed to be functional under any application or scenario. Our food packaging is made sturdy & sleek, is leak-proof, and can contain heat to ensure that food is served fresh and hot.

Responsible Sourcing. Responsible Forestry:
From making sure that no trees are cut during extraction of resources to making sure that the byproduct is recycled responsibly after use. We ensure that the highest standards of ethical and environmental practices are followed throughout the value chain.

Let your food packaging be the hero of your next meal!