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Circulate your spend locally – Shop Independent

Leave a positive impact to your local community by spending your money with local independent businesses and retain the money spent locally.

Interesting numbers from a recent research which Visa card and Centre for Economic & Business Research had conducted, which states that in the last year every £10 spent in local independent shops the community retains £3.80 (38%).

Is it possible to increase the amount retained? Its all in our mindset.

Independent businesses – our Neighbourhood

We should as consumers get into a habit of thinking whether the same product or service is available locally with an independent retailer before you go to a huge superstore. The same product may not be the same price as what the bigger corporates are offering or neither big adverts or a flashy place; as it is not viable for the small independent retailer. Looking at a bigger picture it is worth spending that few pence extra. 

Lets look at our community as a whole family and circulate the economy within our neighbourhood. Start by giving preference to independent retailers or service providers than big corporate chains; whether its a meal down the pub or a Christmas present or the weekly groceries or the petrol you fill in to your car. 

Online Purchases

Most of the local businesses in 2020 have gone Online; courtesy of the pandemic. But there is a tendency for shoppers to go to big marketplaces or super online stores and buy stuff. Trust me, the actual business which sells the items to you does not make any money out of it. Great to buy online, but make sure you go to the vendor’s direct website and shop from local retailers, rather than the super corporate mega online stores & market places. The benefit to the local community is negligible as the profit is sent corporate head quarters half way around the globe with these super mega online giants. 

Grow as a civilisation

“Sustainable socio economic growth is everyone in the community growing and supporting each other to bring everyone with each other”

Let us exchange locally so we spread out the funds rather than routing it to few people in the planet. Moving away from that system created to cascade all the money to one pot will create a happy community, in turn a civilised & flat society. 

“Time to think how much value our sale is providing over the cheapest available”

Choosing to shop locally independent in every aspect will definitely bring back more than the 38% to our respective communities, be it a product or a service as well whether its online or off-line. 

Are you ready to flex yourselves a little bit to move towards a happy local community? 

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