RelyGreen blog practical ways we can reduce plastic pollution

Practical ways we can reduce plastic pollution

Around the world millions of tons of ‘single-use’ plastic is finding its way into land-fills and our oceans. Although most of us are aware of the problem and its been drummed out loud in the media, we tend to slip it past our lifestyle. Why?

Home or Outside

Most of us are environmentally conscious at home, stop and think whether we are acting with responsibility. But when we are out and about, we are sucked into the jetstream of busy life & have little time to think about the environment in our personal habits.

How can we practically be more responsible with the environment in our busy lifestyle?


Slow the pace of life, if you can and be patient in every aspect of life. Before you leave your home, plan for your consumables like water, tea, coffee, food & snacks. Pack it for the day in a practical fashion as much as you can, it could save cost as well as precious environmental resource. A great way to practice this habit is to think as if there is no option for you outside and the only way you could survive the day is by only packing from home. Worst case find a vendor who serves food in a recyclable tableware or even so if using disposables, find a one who is using biodegradable & fully compostable tableware or eco-friendly takeaway packaging.

Its all in the mindset, takes pinch of patience and a spoon of planning to make this work, so we avoid those ‘single-use plastic sin‘ which has a lifetime of seconds or minutes in our hands.

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