6.5″ Square Areca Palm Bowl – Pack of 5

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Pack of 5

The eco friendly and disposable square bowls shallow are made from areca palm sheaths.

The disposable areca palm bowls are ideal for your Soup, Curry, Desserts or having small snacks (chats). They are very sturdy and is 6.5 inches across in size.

Areca Palm products are environment friendly alternative to plastic because there are no chemical process involved in the manufacturing process. Our biodegradable areca palm leaf bowls are 100% natural and can add elegance to all your occasions whether they are at parties, weddings, shops, eateries, restaurants or at home when friends come around.

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Pack of 5

The eco friendly 6.5″ Square areca palm deep bowls are ideal for having your Soup, Curry, Desserts, small snacks (chats) in any events / wedding / parties as well for your breakfast cereals at home.

Our ‘use and throw’ foodware products are made from Areca Palm Leaf and are an environment friendly alternative to plastic in every occasion. No trees are cut down in the process; only naturally discarded sheaths of the leaves of the Areca Palm tree are collected from the forest floor, washed & heat-pressed to create this elegant produce. No chemicals are being used in the manufacturing process.

100% natural and biodegradable

Non-odorous & Non-toxic

Plates & bowls are suitable for

Solid and Liquid food

Hot and Cold food

Compostable and can be thrown away in the food bin

Should be stored in a dry & moisture free environment


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